Pilates is a safe and effective method of exercise and clinical rehabilitation that focuses on muscular balance. This physical fitness system was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century after whom the method is named.  Building long lean muscles, improving posture, developing core strength and stability, improving pelvic floor function, enhancing your bodies performance as well as aiding in the prevention of injury, can all be attributed to the benefits of Pilates.


So why would you consider doing Pilates classes at Semprose?


Semprose Pilates and Fitness Studio was founded in 2018 by the Director, Cheryl Burgess after having practiced pilates for many years and going on to study the discipline for herself and her family.  The name Semprose is a blend of the Latin words ‘Sempre’ which means always and ‘rose’ which means beautiful.  Consequently, our vision is that by doing Pilates whether it be Reformer Pilates or any of the hybrid Pilates classes that Semprose offers, you will ‘always feel the beautiful ’ benefits in your body.