Buns of Steel – The Importance of our Gluteus Medius

Semprose Pilates-Buns of Steel

You may have heard that Pilates classes are great for targeting your smaller, stabilizing muscles, but did you know why they are important, especially the gluteus medius which is found in our butt?


Your gluteals are made up of three main muscles, including the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. They each play a role in:


  • Keeping us upright so we don’t fall over
  • Propelling our bodies forward when walking and running
  • Balancing on one leg
  • Preventing the hips from rolling forwards or backwards when lying on our sides
  • Providing correct pelvic alignment
  • Helping support the lower back when we lift anything; and
  • Contributing to the prevention of knee injuries when utilised correctly.


So why is the gluteus medius so important? This small but mighty muscle is the main muscle responsible for the abduction of the hip joint (ie moving your leg away from the midline of your body).  Gluteus medius contributes to stabilising our pelvis, challenging our balance, as well as external and lateral rotation of the hip.


There are some awesome reformer Pilates exercises we love doing in Pilates classes near me, that get this lovely little muscle burning.  The exercises below are just a couple of those that help target the gluteus medius:


  • Scooter
  • Side lying footwork
  • Side lying foot in strap
  • Standing Abduction
  • 4-point kneeling glute work (with or without the foot strap)
  • Clams (with or without the strap)
  • Lunges
  • Any movements with the booty bands around your thighs, knees or ankles



By performing these exercises we allow the glutes to fire and get them to do the job that they are designed to do.  Our stabilizing muscles including the gluteus medius are just as important, if not more important than our larger, global muscles. By getting them to function optimally we are allowing our bodies to move in the best way possible.  Be sure to check out the local Reformer Pilates near me for an epic workout that will target all the juicy muscle groups – and maybe you too will develop ‘buns of steel’.

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