Have you been feeling the effects of lockdown? After speaking with many people, some of whom have lost their regular work and primary income, some whose hours have been cut in half and some who are still working regular hours but from home, it seems as though lockdown is taking its toll on everyone.

Despite all the negativity and isolation during this difficult time, something we can control and continue to enjoy is movement! Were you aware that when we exercise, blood flow increases to our brain, which stimulates happy chemicals like endorphins and serotonin. As a result, we experience benefits including:

  • reduced depression and symptoms of anxiety,
  • improved mood,
  • clarity of thought and attention,
  • increased productivity,
  • improved memory,
  • better sleep quality and
  • a reduction in risk of serious illnesses.


If you weren’t already aware, Semprose classes have moved online and you can now access daily workouts via live zoom sessions with our awesome group of instructors for only $10 a week unlimited. Enjoy the convenience of Pilates classes online and the versatility that comes from such a diverse group of qualified instructors in the industry!


As much as we’re all missing our favourite local Pilates reformer studio and the Pilates classes near me, it’s so important to continue moving our bodies daily, getting fresh air and doing our best to remain positive. If you’re feeling confined to the four walls of your home, try get creative with your daily exercise, and remember you’re not alone in this!


When you stop and think about the positives that come from being in lockdown, it’s comforting knowing there’s things we can do during this time that are enjoyable, such as:

  • the joy of extra family time;
  • doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it;
  • prioritising more ‘me time’ for yourself; and
  • even something as simple as listening to the birds sing around your home that you usually wouldn’t hear when you’re at work.

Try to find joy in the little things during this lockdown and remember to keep moving your bodies. Keep your chin up, we’re in this together and it’s not forever!

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