Did you know walking improves your mood and is great for mental health? What’s not to like about going for walk? It’s free! “A University of Tennessee study found that women who walked had less body fat than those who didn’t walk.” Some of the benefits of walking include:


  1. Improved circulation
  2. Shore up on your bones
  3. Enjoy a longer life
  4. Improve your mood
  5. Weight loss
  6. Strengthen muscles
  7. Improved sleep
  8. Support your joints
  9. Improved breathing
  10. Slow down mental decline
  11. Lower Alzheimer’s risk
  12. Do more for longer periods


It’s always a good idea to change up your exercise routine, even in lockdown. Combining Semprose Pilates classes via zoom, walking outdoors and whatever other kinds of exercise you enjoy will bring versatility into your routine, keep your body and mind active and you may even like listening to podcasts or educational information whilst walking to stimulate your mind even further!


Hopefully once lockdown restrictions ease, we can reintroduce Pilates classes in the park and get everyone together outdoors! We also can’t wait for our brand-new studio in Gregory Hills to be complete and ready to run Pilates classes once lockdown is over! It’s so convenient to have Pilates near me and we look forward to bringing a variety of new classes to the timetable at The Hub in Gregory Hills.  As our local community area continues to expand and develop, we are thrilled to offer two studio locations that is not only convenient, but such a great way to bring our growing community together.


As lockdown continues, it’s so important to stay active, not just for physical health but also for your mental and emotional wellbeing. Try to set yourself goals each week and remember to get adequate rest in between. We will get through these tough times together and cannot wait to see you all doing reformer Pilates in the studio soon.





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