Pilates Classes For Males


If you’re under the impression that Pilates is only for women, ballerinas or athletes, firstly you’re not alone and secondly, you are mistaken. There seems to be a common misconception floating around that Pilates is not for the average male, and that is simply not the case.


Let’s delve into why that is.


Firstly, Pilates was founded and created by a man, Joseph Pilates, for his body aliments.  Pilates has a world of benefits for anyone who participates in this form of movement regularly, no matter your gender. Pilates practice incorporates all the elements of healthy physical movement: breath, posture, strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Pilates is well known for ‘lengthening the muscles’ and people often say they feel taller after attending Reformer Pilates Narellan.  Males need to be able to move too, and because of the higher percentage of muscle mass that males naturally exhibit, the need to attend Pilates classes is just as prevalent for males as females.


Secondly, men are also prone to sore backs, tiredness, disc bulges, diastasis recti, knee pain, feeling unfit, and needing to do something that is low impact but also gets the endorphins going to have that euphoric feeling after a good workout. Pilates can do this for men.


Thirdly, this modality is all about alignment and placement before movement – this is key.  As instructors, we see dysfunctional movement all the time. However, when you learn how to activate those deep stabilizing muscles prior to moving and activating the intrinsic as well as the bigger, global muscles, throughout your movement, you’re creating the foundation for strong functional movement patterns and injury prevention – which is why Pilates classes are good for males as well.



Whether you’re someone who sits at a desk all day for work or has a physical job, Pilates can provide countless benefits to your physical and mental health. You may have heard how good Pilates is for core strength, but core strength is not the only benefit to this form of exercise. By attending Reformer Pilates classes regularly, you will notice the changes to your body and how well Pilates compliments other forms of exercise by strengthening and elongating all your muscles, including those muscles responsible for stabilization.


We are so lucky to have a variety of Pilates classes near me, including Reformer Pilates near me, and we encourage males to come and try this incredible form of exercise!


As the founder, Joseph Pilates once said, “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”.

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