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After lock downs and Covid it’s finally great to be out the other side and doing Pilates classes uninterrupted.  Semprose has continued to grow and flourish over this last year welcoming new clients, growing our friendships with our regulars and introducing new staff to the team. More Pilates classes have been added to our timetables and we’re already planning more for the new year!


If you’re new to the Semprose Pilates community or haven’t quite decided yet if Reformer Pilates Camden is for you… this blog will give you some insight into the types of Pilates classes on offer at our studio!


PRE PILATES CLASSES: These are designed for the beginner to Reformer Pilates classes and involves an orientation of the Reformer, how to safely use the equipment, how to correctly engage your core, the correct breathing patterns and pelvic floor training.


We recommend 1-2 Pre-Pilates classes so that you’re confident and experienced on the equipment before moving into Reformer Pilates classes. Once you have mastered Pre-Pilates classes you will be ready to progress to the group Reformer classes and the next level of your Pilates journey.


REFORMER PILATES GROUP CLASSES: The Reformer uses springs, leverage and body weight to provide resistance that allows you to strengthen, align, stretch and tone your muscles. Learning correct core engagement helps to improve posture, stabilise, and support the spine and pelvis and reduce lower back pain.


Group Reformer Pilates classes Camden are general fitness classes and although our trained instructors can cater for minor conditions, it does not cater for more serious injuries. If you have any injuries or medical conditions, we recommend our more personalised sessions which you can read about below.


PRIVATE OR SEMI PRIVATE PILATES CLASSES: At Semprose, we also offer individualised programs in private or semi private Pilates classes. Privates are one-on-one with your instructor and semi-private sessions have a maximum of 4 clients. These personalised Pilates sessions are designed specifically for you and your bodies individual needs.


We also offer DUET SESSIONS, which are perfect for couples, family members and friends who want a personalised experience with an individualised Pilates program. Two clients need to book together for a duet class to go ahead.


PRE/POSTNATAL PILATES REFORMER CLASSES: For expectant mothers or those who have already given birth and are transitioning back into an exercise routine, these Pilates classes are for you.  Our highly experienced instructors will guide you through strengthening and stretching exercises designed for this important time.


Using the Reformer, mat, fit ball, weights, bands and magic circle you will be taught how to get in touch with your pelvic floor, maintain your core and overall strength in a safe environment so that you can return to your favourite classes as soon as possible.


No matter where you are located in the Macarthur region we have 2 Semprose locations at Smeaton Grange and Gregory Hills that can cater to all of your Pilates classes needs.  Reformer Pilates Narellan, Reformer Pilates Camden, or any Pilates classes near me can be attended at our 2 studios.  We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon to experience the amazing benefits of Pilates.

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