Reformer Pilates exercise – 4 POINT KNEELING

Semprose Pilates Reformer

The 4-point kneeling position in Pilates classes is a very versatile and challenging position to perfect. It involves core stabilisation, improves the stability of the trunk, helps clients find a neutral spine and can be the starting point for a wide variety of Pilates exercises.


4-point kneeling means that you are on your hands and knees with the hands positioned under the shoulder girdle and the knees positioned under the hips.  From this position we can:

  • work the upper body by utilising our arms one at a time,
  • challenge the posterior lower body muscles such as the hamstrings and glutes using one leg at a time, and
  • improve our core strength as well as challenge balance and even progress certain exercises by using one arm and the opposite leg at the same time.


4-point kneeling exercises can be done on the mat or even in your Reformer Pilates classes. We can add props such as resistance bands, hand weights and exer-soft Pilates balls to make the movements more challenging and increase resistance.


When attending your Pilates classes at Semprose, you’ve probably tried some form of 4-point kneeling series and felt how unstable it can be! It’s definitely not easy to keep your body in a neutral alignment, keep the core engaged and move your limbs all at the same time! In a Reformer Pilates class, the challenge to our balance keeps us working to stabilise and this is beneficial as we age.


If you’re yet to try this move, come check out Pilates classes near me and feel the burn all over during not only a 4-point kneeling series, but the whole class! Increase your core strength, develop your muscles equally, strengthen the hip, pelvis, shoulder and neck muscles and give this awesome position a whirl at your next Semprose Pilates class, Smeaton Grange or Semprose Pilates class, Gregory Hills!

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